Auto Accident Physical Therapy

When you’ve been involved in a car accident, physical therapy can help ease the recovery process to make your healing process less difficult. In most cases, your auto insurance personal injury policy can cover up to 100% of your therapy without a deductible or any additional expenses from you. Let NeuroSpine Associates of Michigan help you.

Our goal is to provide you with powerful healing so you:

  • Can return to pre-accident routines
  • Speed up recovery
  • Enjoy drug-free pain management

We can reduce your pain, improve your range of motion and speed up your recovery time through a variety of therapy types including exercise and manual therapy – completely drug-free. Seek the road to recovery and look for physical therapy after an auto accident.

Are you in pain now? If so, you can be scheduled for a physical exam with a medical doctor within 24 hours.

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Conditions Treated

When it comes to getting your body and lifestyle back to normal NeuroSpine Associates of Michigan knows how to relieve your pain and begin to heal your underlying conditions. After an auto accident, having a specialist look at the areas you have pain to determine what the best treatment plan is.

We can treat most common conditions caused by car accidents, including:

  • Back Pain
  • Disc Injuries
  • Neck Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica Issues
  • Numbness or Tingling
  • Arm Pain
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Leg Pain
  • Seatbelt or Airbag Injuries

If you’re experiencing any of these common conditions related to car accidents, give our specialists a call to regain your life, in a safe, drug-free way. Our goal is to get you healing quickly and deliver outstanding results.

Physical Therapy for Car Accident Injuries

When getting treatment, be it for neck pain or back pain, a physical therapist who specializes in auto accident can help reduce your pain and speed up your recovery time. NeuroSpine Associates of Michigan are the preferred therapists for anyone looking to recover after a car crash.

You are an excellent candidate for physical therapy if you’re experiencing any of the following that was not present prior to your accident:

  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness
  • Tingling

Our specialists use a combination of manual and other therapies to help you regain your range of motion, strength or any other body function lost due to your auto injury-related pain. Whether you have a stiff neck, a bulging disc or are experiencing headaches, we can assist you in your pain management and help you get your life back on track.

Car accident neck injury
Physical therapy leg injury

A Holistic Approach to Physical Therapy

At NeuroSpine Associates of Michigan, we understand how damaging even the smallest of auto accidents can be. When you come to us for your pain, we take the time to understand what happened, where your pain is and any other crucial information that could help us as we get you back to your life.

We work to repair and strengthen damaged tissues and muscles, improve mobility, and in serious cases, retrain everyday functions. After an accident, we work to ensure your injury avoids turning into a chronic problem.

Physical therapy boosts your mental health, which can be key in the success of your treatment. As you progress and hit each goal you and your therapist set for your treatment plan, you’ll gain the confidence needed to push through roadblocks and continue to recover from your injuries.

When you come into our office, we want to make sure we heal you completely. This means making sure your function and mobility is returned. We also want to make sure you don’t have to have unnecessary surgeries. If it is required, additional therapy, both before and after, can help ensure a speedy recovery.

Pain-Free and Drug-Free

Any type of recovery can be a long and difficult road. When you add hard medications, like pain relievers it may mask symptoms. Our proven approach uses manual therapies, topical treatments and other therapeutic options to help relieve your pain.

Through repeated and consistent physical therapy visits, your body will continue to heal, your pain and discomfort will subside and you don’t have to worry about leaning on any major pain medicines to feel better.


Treatment Plans

Every body is different and reacts differently from others to therapy. That’s why we individualize your treatment plan to meet your goals, in a timeline that will work for you. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t help your specific needs.

Our physical therapists will do a complete therapy evaluation and treatment plan that is tailored to you. We base our timelines on:

Your initial evaluation will be dedicated, one-on-one time where our therapists will take the time to fully understand your pain, difficulties and determine where your limitations are to create your physical therapy treatment plan.

If insurance is covering your expenses after an accident, be sure you know how many visits and if they cover any additional therapy needs!

Whether you walk-in or make an appointment, you’ll be assigned to a caring and licensed physical therapist. They’re going to ask you a lot of questions including:

  • Where your pain is
  • What discomfort you have
  • What limitations you have due to your pain
  • If you have specific goals or wants
  • After they listen to your answers, they may perform an evaluation. This is to help them determine where your strength, flexibility, coordination, posture and other bodily functions are, in order to best create a plan.

    You may be asked to:

    • Walk around
    • Get out of a chair or bed
    • Lift an object
    • Reach

    Be honest with your therapist about your pain and what your experiences are, this way your plan is in line with where your body is at. You may get asked about your home or work environment, activity level and other habits. These help guide where your end results should be and what types of activities your therapist needs to help you get back to.

    Once the full evaluation is over, your therapist is going to discuss your plan, diagnosis and promptly begin to treat your pain. We always aim to provide relief in your first visit.

    Treatment plans are built to get you back into a pre-accident shape. The best way for you to quickly and efficiently get back to your typical activities is to work with your therapist and be consistent with treatment.

    The therapist will guide you along each step of your plan. You may even receive stretching, icing or heating instructions or exercises to do daily as a part of your treatment. It is crucial for you to follow through with these to help you meet the goals and objectives set in your first appointment.

    As you continue on your therapy path, your therapist may advise you to change the frequency of sessions as you begin to progress toward your long-term goals. You may have setbacks, but together you and your therapist will reassess to address:

    • Increased pain
    • Weakness
    • Swelling
    • Reduction in motion

    Part of your plan will be learning how to do activities differently or learning how to do special exercises. These help you minimize pain, avoid reinjury, lessen strain and speed up your recovery process.

    Should you need additional equipment your therapist can recommend places or help you order them. These can include:

    • Footwear
    • Shoe inserts
    • Splints
    • Crutches

    Be sure to be completely open should you be experiencing additional pain or discomfort as you continue to progress. Once you’ve reached all of your goals, its time to graduate from physical therapy!

    After you’ve been discharged from physical therapy, you have to stay on top of your health. Your therapist will provide you instructions on how to manage your care once we’ve gotten you healed up.

    The goal from there is to keep yourself in line with these healthy behaviors and avoid reinjuring yourself. No matter what your physical therapist can help should you need more support, even after you’ve finished treatment.

    Insurance Claims

    We accept most insurance plans in the Metro Detroit area, and in most cases physical therapy after a car accident is covered, up to 100%, by your auto insurance personal injury protection policy, and in many cases by Michigan Worker’s Compensation too.

    What to Do After an Auto Accident

    So you’ve been in a car crash and are suffering from pain or discomfort because of the accident. Once you’ve done the necessary steps at the scene of the accident, like filing a police report and getting the other party’s contact information, your mind is racing. You may be worrying about getting your car to the repair shop or fixing property damages however, you must think about your health. Here’s what you should do:

    • Call NeuroSpine Associates of Michigan to get a free accident evaluation
    • File a claim with your auto insurance
    • Provide our team with the claim number so we can get your treatment covered
    • We’ll work together with your primary care physician to help you recover
    • Begin treatment

    The comprehensive treatment plan, that is covered by your insurance, will help to return your range of motion and heal your pain. Our team knows how the insurance claims process goes and how to properly prove and bill the correct insurance for your necessary therapy.

    Why Seek Physical Therapy After an Accident?

    A car accident can be a life-changing event. Between the shock emotionally and the physical pressure exerted on your body, you can come out suffering on multiple levels. When you’re feeling stiff, having numbness, pain or tingling that wasn’t there before the accident, it’s time to seek help.

    These injuries can stay with you for the rest of your life. No matter if you’re at fault or the one who was hit, untreated auto injuries can even lead to serious spinal degenerations that can haunt you later in life.

    We offer free accident evaluations, so you know exactly what your treatment should be and begin your therapy right away. The sooner you come in, the easier your pain will be to manage and faster you can heal.

    Who Pays for Physical Therapy After a Car Crash?

    Regardless of who is at fault, most insurance policies have personal injury coverage. This can be called Med Pay or PIP. This is one of the primary reasons that you have auto insurance; to be sure that should you be injured behind the wheel you can get the care you need - without paying out of your pocket.

    There are rules and specific steps you have to follow. Getting a physical therapist who specializes in auto accident claims, like NeuroSpine Associates of Michigan, is the key to getting the treatment you need, that is covered by your insurance.

    We’ll help you navigate your insurance policy, so you don’t have to worry about any expenses during your recovery.

    Dr. Kazma

    Dr. Robert Kazma, D.C., Medical Director

    Dr. Robert Kazma has been working in private practice since 1980. He graduated from Palmer University in 1978 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Kazma worked as the team doctor for the Grosse Pointe Red Barons football team for 10 years, before spending 2 years as the team doctor for East Catholic High School’s football and basketball teams. He is the case manager for all personal injury patients at NeuroSpine Associates of Michigan.

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